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A quick announcement.. Crum and Ash, the site founders, are going to be gone on a little trip for a few days. Sadly, there wont be time to add Julys pets, along with the fact that Ashs computer broke and she couldnt make any pets. So, expect Julys pets around the 10th Wink Thanks For Reading! -Frogworld Admins



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JUNE!!! Empty

Its going to be june in a couple days!! Get ready to get your special pets!! All June releases will go up anywhere from 4-9(central time) on the 31st (because they cant be put up in the morning) And dont forget that my birthday is coming up!! SPECIAL PETS!! YAY!!! There is also going to be a random raffle for exclusive lineart pets that really have nothing to do with swamps, dragons, or frogs. Wink There are 3 different ones, and one of each is being raffled off. All the staff get them, too (just saying) Very Happy
Each member gets 1 free 'raffle ticket'. Post here to use it!! What you will win (and who wins) is totally random, and you dont get to choose. BUT they CAN be traded, so I would suggest asking another member who won if they would trade if you dont like yor pet.
Hint: Crum (scratches fluffy tail), ash (SQUAK!), and blackroan (ROAR!)each made one. Wink And dont worry about Ashs quality... (sorry ash xD) because I think this one is one of her best!!! To bad it isnt an official lineart... Smile
If you want more raffle tickets, you can give crum a birthday present on Dragonadopters or Chicken Smoothie (hint hint-I like coins and they are on my wishlist... Rolling Eyes )If you give me a present DO NOT post your ticket until I have messaged you back. When posting a raffle ticket, fill out this forum (please look up what number your ticket will be, this needs to be acurate):
Ticket Number:
This is my (1st 2nd 3rd...) Ticket

-Note: If you dont fill this out IT WONT COUNT and you will not be entered.
*Staff cannot enter
**For every 1 DC from DA you send, you get 1 ticket, for every 2 wishlist pets you send me on CS you get 1 ticket

Prizes will be given off on june 5th (when raffle ends)
Check your PMS!!
You can only win once.
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