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A quick announcement.. Crum and Ash, the site founders, are going to be gone on a little trip for a few days. Sadly, there wont be time to add Julys pets, along with the fact that Ashs computer broke and she couldnt make any pets. So, expect Julys pets around the 10th Wink Thanks For Reading! -Frogworld Admins


 Crums Trade Topic

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PostSubject: Crums Trade Topic   Crums Trade Topic Icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 8:35 pm

*Remember only 1 trade topic per person! (bumping is allowed as long as it isn't frequent)

Click HERE (scroll down a bit) and find the trade group to see the pets i have for trade. Wink
If you want one, just post here with your offer. I miight give a free one out every now and then but dont count on it. (not a big deal to me because I can get them whenever I want xD)

If I have more than 2 of it, feel free to ask for it for free. Wink 1 FREE PET PER PERSON PER MONTH! Wink

I dont do customs. Evil or Very Mad Just a reminder. If you ask for one I certainly wont give you one!! EVER. And dont count on ever becoming staff if you do that, be cause you wont. And thats another thing. Dont ask to be staff either.
The only way to get a custom pet is to win contests, buy them, be REAL friends with me (maybe), or become staff.

I am going to have a saved group for trading in the future so please refrain from trading there.

To trade just post here saying 'I want this pet(s) (image) for this pet(s) (your pet image)


Any 1 in a million pets xDI dont really have a wishlist because i own all of the pets.....
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Crums Trade Topic
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