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A quick announcement.. Crum and Ash, the site founders, are going to be gone on a little trip for a few days. Sadly, there wont be time to add Julys pets, along with the fact that Ashs computer broke and she couldnt make any pets. So, expect Julys pets around the 10th Wink Thanks For Reading! -Frogworld Admins

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 Frog World Store!

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PostSubject: Frog World Store!   Sun May 08, 2011 11:35 am

Welcome to the Frog World store!
Here you can buy special pets you cant get anywhere else!
How do you get them? Well, you have to buy them with special frog world currency called Swamp Coins! You can see how much you have under your avatar. How do you get them?

  • Doing Good Deeds around the site
  • Buy them in the 'Buy Coins' page
  • On, send 1 Dragon Coin to crum98 and get 40 coins
  • On, send 1 Wishlist pet to Crum or Ash! and we will decide how much you get (no hoards please)
  • Win contests, become staff, giveaways



Red Dragon
200 Coins
Crazy Rare


Yellow Duck
75 coins

Fill This Out When you are ready to buy! If you try to buy and you dont have enough, you will be banned from the store.

Pet Type:
Total Cost:

Amount You are Buying:

Site Features

Frog World Update and Fun Newsletter-25 coins for 1 month, 100 for a year, 500 for lifetime (2 a week)
PM this to Crum
Email (preferred):
Subscription Type:

Special Rank Under Username (like Crum has) 50 Coins (Costs 10 coins to change again)
When buying, please post EXACTLY how you want it to look. There can be colors, bold, all sorts of things. Please keep it short
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Frog World Store!
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